Joinery - should I keep things neutral?


In general with kitchens, we are seeing a lot more colour coming through in design choices. But on the flipside, joinery and cabinetry tends to remain quite neutral to allow for colour to shine in a painted feature wall, or on-display decorative ceramics, for example.

“There’s more confidence with painting walls these days and joinery is being kept all-white to offset that. If you decide you don’t like it, repainting a wall isn’t expensive – so that’s an easier option [than choosing coloured joinery].”


Renovators who are choosing to insert colour through joinery tend to opt for colours from nature that link well with other natural finishes, such as blue and greens, as well as bony colours like grey.

The appeal of two-pack, basically a baked enamel finish, is that it can be specified to any colour or finish, matte or gloss. Laminate is more restrictive, but often cheaper.

Shana Rogers