The latest kitchen trends

Kitchen 4.jpg

According to, the latest trends in kitchens for 2017 and into 2018 are:

Open shelving: Open shelving, featuring joinery that’s simple with natural tones, is a great way in which a renovator can add a personal touch to their kitchen. Display pottery, cookbooks, hanging plants, vessels with flowers, artisan ceramics or whatever you fancy to add colour, life and personality.

Integrated appliances: Originally it was just the high-end appliance brands creating integrated appliances, now some mid-range brands, like Fisher and Paykel, are on board too. It can be more expensive, but creates a seamless look that works especially well in small spaces, i.e. in city apartments. As well as eliminating visual clutter, they’re also physically cleaner because dust can’t get underneath and down the sides of the fridge.

A furniture approach: With the kitchen becoming more of an extension of the living space, kitchens will have more furniture elements – such as open shelving – to their design. “Kitchen joinery is more like furniture than it used to be,” Travis says.

Shana Rogers