The Home Bar

Designing your home is full of exciting decisions, and one of these is the choice of adding a bar. You could opt to have a secret bar, tucked away when not in use, or perhaps a retro bar cart or a modern styled area.  

More and more bars are influenced by the past, especially with shows like Mad Men or The Great Gatsby. The bar cart is making a comeback because of these and as a practical and aesthetic addition to your living space, it’s perfect for tucking away when you don’t need or leaving out as an extra decoration.

The Mad Men

Whilst a bar cart can bring across the classic 60s look, other touches can emphasise the Mad Men style. By bringing in some tungsten lighting, you can capture the moody vibes that come with the show. Alternatively, lots of wooden features will also achieve the 60s style you’re chasing. Create a custom bar cupboard with all the features to transport you to the Mad Men era.

mad men themed.jpg

Great Gatsby

If touches of gold and drama are your style, then take the approach of the Great Gatsby and add some lavishness to your bar area. The simple yet over the top style is easy to adopt and change as you like. The prohibition era meant being secret about your alcohol stash, so creating your own hidden bar fits into this perfectly.

It’s all about the little details when it comes to a 20s themed bar. You could go for the Gatsby approach and have touches of gold and plush chairs with intricate decanters sitting atop a geometric bar cart. Or perhaps the Prohibition side is more your style, so moody lighting, blacks and chromes, leather chairs and a tucked away bar are the way to go.


Make the most of your space

The space under the stairs often presents a dilemma- how to use the space? Often it is a great spot for storage, out of the way and compact! But it is also a great space to put a sneaky bar. Under the stair can be a tricky and particular space, so customising what goes underneath will allow everything to fit perfectly and you can make it as unique as you like! Opt for a modern, sleek look with fitted cabinets and shelves, or a tucked away but practical option with a pull out drawer- allowing plenty of storage.

pull out.jpg


Shana Rogers