Why should I use a custom joiner?

It's a question we hear a lot. Can't I just buy a flat pack cupboard or even a whole kitchen to fit in my space? Well yes, you could. And it might do the job. But joinery is what we know - we live it and breathe it every day - and that means there are some great reasons to consider custom-built furniture instead.

1. We've seen it all! We work with such a variety of products and styles we can always create something that's perfectly suited to your style and budget. Maybe you are renovating and working with a space that's not quite standard. We can help with that. We have lots of great ideas for space saving and functional ways to get around a problem area. 

2. The quality of our work is pretty special - our team of tradesmen are qualified cabinet makers and take great pride in their work. They love a challenge too. Give them a special request and they will make it happen!

3. The choices and options can be daunting. We will listen to your needs are and recommend the best solution for you. MDF or solid timber? Laminate or granite? Soft close drawers? We can put it all together and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each - and keep it within your budget too.

4. We install what we build, so it needs to be right. And if it's not, it's our job to come back and get it right. A flat pack kitchen doesn't install itself! And let's face it, who needs that stress? The statistics on relationship issues caused by flat packs are pretty scary, so don't risk it!

5. We're locals - we live here and we work here. So when you have your joinery made by us, you support your local community, and we think that's another pretty good reason.

So yes, flat pack might work for you - but we'd love to chat and show you just what we can do. We're pretty sure you will be impressed - and we'd love to work with you. Your vision is our focus, and we love making it a reality.

Shana Rogers