The Latest Focus on Bathrooms

No longer just a utilitarian space, the bathroom is becoming a luxe relaxation destination within your own home. With spa-inspired styling and statement accessories, the latest trends will make the bathroom your favourite spot in the house.


The Scandi-inspired trend is here to stay with a growing number of timber-framed mirrors becoming the number one pick. Adding an integrated open shelf allows it to become multi-purposed. Recessed mirrors above the vanity deliver an elegant, streamlined aesthetic, paired with feature lighting and it becomes the focus point of the bathroom.



Lighting is becoming more than just a practical necessity, with the option to add feature lights, the bathroom can become a place to relax and escape. Opting for pendant lights can create a luxe vibe and can bring personality to an otherwise neutral space. Layering the lighting creates an ambience and can be a good opportunity to highlight unique features or provide lighting to different areas, as opposed to one central light.

pendant lighting.jpg


Put your individual style on display by having open storage instead of closed doors. Opening up the storage creates a feeling of lightness and space and is a good opportunity to add personality. It also allows the materials and finishes to take centre stage, and with the mixing of textiles being popular at the moment, it’s the perfect chance to join the trend.

open shelving.jpg

Home Spa

Our collective focus on wellness of body and soul carries through to the bathroom, which is becoming a place of escape and indulgence. Hints of luxe finishes and large bathtubs create a sense of a day-spa. Achieving this home spa comes down to the bathtub, revolving everything else around an oversized, freestanding tub can create a serene atmosphere, perfect for that mini escape.  Floor to ceiling tiling with tactile materials, such as stone, honed concrete and timber also contribute. However, convenience can also translate as luxurious, additions such as a rain showerhead, underfloor heating, and heated towel rails can take the bathing experience from banal to beautiful.

resort vibes.jpg

Precious Metals

Updating a bathroom doesn’t have to involve an entire makeover, a simple update of tapware is an easy way to change things up.  There will always be the classic options, however, a chrome finish is becoming the preferred choice for tapware and accessories. Tapware in unusual shapes and colours can create a whole new look, it also adds a sense of uniqueness to a bathroom.



Just as chrome is coming in in a big way for tapware, colour is making a comeback for bathroom spaces. Blues and dusty pinks are trending. Whilst choosing a colour for a bathroom could be a risky move, the addition of small hints, such as a feature tile or bathmats and towels is an easy option to add the pop of colour.


Wabi Sabi

The current notion of wabi-sabi- the appreciation of imperfections within materials, is being embraced. The idea of adding character to a space comes into play, having reclaimed or recycled timber can bring softness into a bathroom. Layering different materials together is the celebrated focal point of 2018, combining materials such as marble and timber can achieve this.

wabi sabi.jpg
Shana Rogers