Designing Your Home Office


No one wants to stare at a wall all day, because let’s face it, we all catch ourselves day dreaming at some point. Positioning your desk facing something more interesting than a wall can help pass the day away. Whether it’s against a window or a colourful painting, give yourself a view to look to. Having the office near some natural light will also help create a pleasant work space.


Storage and shelves

When it comes to creating a space, having enough storage for everything, especially in an office, is important. However, some home offices have limited space and it can be a challenge trying to fit everything in. Consider what you need the most when working and how that will need to be in a convenient and accessible spot. Working this way will allow you to pick appropriate shelving that will best suit you and your work space.

The Desk and Chair

Comfort is essential when you’re at a desk all day, the chair and desk need to be both ergonomic and attractive. No one wants to look at their desk chair with dread! Selecting a desk first will make finding a chair much easier. With people considering their health and lifestyles more and more, the standing desk is becoming a popular option, eliminating the need for a chair at all. However, not everyone can stand all day, so finding a transforming desk is the best option. With such a wide variety of bench tops available, you can custom design your own desk with Focus on Kitchens to suit your needs and aesthetic.


Tame Your Technology

There are lots of nifty tips and tricks to tucking away those unsightly cords. Having an outlet nearby will make it easy to plug in when needed, without having metres of cords across the floor. When it comes to hiding away the cord jungle, its handy to have a wire rack under the desk that they can easily be placed into. Alternatively, you can get creative and make some fabric wraps or incorporate a slot for them into a custom designed desk.


If natural light doesn’t reach your office space then lighting becomes essential. It helps to have more than one source, especially if you get caught working into the darker hours of the day. Opting for a feature pendant light can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It may also be useful to have a desk lamp which can also add some character to your space.



Selecting a colour for a space is difficult because it still needs to flow with the rest of the home. When it comes to offices, it’s best to keep to cooler colours, such as greens, blues and creams, these are less distracting and less ‘in your face’ than reds. Again, with the choice to custom design your own space, why not choose a colourful desktop to brighten up the space without creating clutter with decorations.


Shana Rogers