Customising vs Ready-Made


Customising your wardrobe means that you can cater for your needs (and growing shoe collection!) rather than having to cram everything in. Designing also allows for creativity - you might prefer drawers to shelves, or double hanging racks for pants and skirts. Ready-made wardrobes come in a standard shape and size and may not accommodate the maxi dresses and ballgowns you love! Creating your own space means you can allow for whatever fills you with joy (think Marie Kondo). Why not step outside the box and turn your wardrobe into a feature piece of your room - this is particularly fun if you have statement items of clothing or accessories that deserve to be on display.


Pantries may be an essential element of the kitchen, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful as well as functional. When it comes to designing your own pantry there are certain things that become clear - just like a wardrobe, there are specific needs for each person. Perhaps you like enough space for everything to be on clear display, with beautiful glass jars and canisters rather than packets and boxes. For those with the space to accommodate a ‘butler’s pantry’, customisation really comes into play. A larger space means more room for shelves, cupboards and appliances, however it can also mean that elements need to be planned and designed properly to avoid that drawer opening onto the dishwasher, or shelves which are simply too high to be practical. All things we can assist with!


Shelving can be used throughout a home- whether it’s for the office space, the TV cabinet or bookshelves. Wherever they are, they’re most likely serving a unique purpose, whether it is purely functional or as a spot to display those treasured possessions. Shelves can also become somewhat of a statement piece - for example floating shelves are a unique and unobtrusive way of displaying and storing objects. We can custom-build shelving in beautiful timbers or practical laminates, depending on the purpose and location. Think about shelving as an aesthetic element in your home, rather than something that’s purely functional.

Shana Rogers