Kitchen Trends


The kitchen isn’t just a space to cook, it’s often the social centre for households, and as the blur between kitchen and living area increases, the kitchen becomes less and less a ‘kitchen’. There are more and more options for cabinets and appliances, all sleek and stylish. With these comes the ability to camouflage the kitchen to make it seem just another stylish space in a home. Adding sliding doors where the kitchen is can mean hiding the kitchen altogether. At the opposite end of the spectrum there is the ability to simply blur the lines between the kitchen and the living area. Open storage allows your favourite crockery to be on full display as though it were books or artwork. Another technique that blurs the lines is the extension and connection of the dining room table and the breakfast bar. Making this into one sleek element gives the impression that the kitchen, dining room and possibly living room are all one.


Black is Back

They say every wardrobe should have a little black dress, but why should this rule only apply to fashion? Kitchens are embracing the dark and dramatic side more and more with blacks, dark greys and the occasional light khaki. Not only is a black kitchen sleek and modern but it also hides any scuff marks that may fall upon the benches or drawers. Dark colours are also ideal for those of us who are somewhat messy cookers- it is easier to maintain and keep clean!


Custom Designed Kitchens

With custom joinery comes the ability to create a kitchen that is suited to your needs and fits your aesthetic. More and more people are wanting a kitchen that is multifunctional and flexible, and personalising allows you to create a working space suited to you. Extractable tables are a great option when it comes to flexibility, they allow you to have a fixed or extended table, depending on how many guests you may have. Another great and versatile option is to create a deconstructed kitchen. Separate and movable blocks allow you to customise the space as you use it day to day. This is also a great way to update your kitchen when you’re tired with its current state.

Shana Rogers