Concrete? Essastone!

Concrete is a timeless material and whilst we may change the way it is used it is always a staple. Polished concrete has long been used in both residential and commercial spaces on floors and walls, however lately there has been a shift towards more ‘organic’ styles. Terrazzo concrete as a design feature creates a unique feature and trowelled and distressed treatments introduce texture and a sense of authenticity. These are especially prominent in island benches turning them into an organic and prominent statement piece.



Concrete and colour

Pairing such a heavy material with the right colours comes down to identifying the base tone of the concrete and going from there. Organic colours work best with concrete. Colours such as muted greens, grey-based blues, saturated navies and deep forest greens. Many concretes will have a base colour reflective of these and pairing it with similar tones will work best.

The tone of the concrete can also determine which fit-out it will best suit. A rich, heavier concrete is best for urban styling whereas softer, more organic tones work well with other natural tones such as timber.


Concrete, whilst beautiful, is not the most cost-effective material available so Essastone have produced their ‘concrete’ range to offer a lower cost option. The range is designed for benchtops and walls and still achieves the look and feel of concrete. The multiple styles tap into the varieties of concrete available for design; from a smooth, grey look to textured and organic and to the terrazzo, with confettied quartz crystals throughout a grey base.  

Talk to our qualified design team to see how this look can work in your new kitchen!

Shana Rogers