The Focus on Bedrooms

The bedroom is ever evolving; new cushions come and go, artwork is often switched about, wall colours are even updated often. Bedroom trends are the hardest to keep up with, however these classic trends are looking like they are here to stay for a while.

Clean Lines

The clean lines of the 60s and 70s are returning and we are seeing wooden features paired with whites and other pastels. White walls featuring wooden furniture is a classic partnering and works well with whatever artworks, bedsheets or other furniture that may come and go throughout the years. This is one trend that is likely to stick around due to its versatility and easiness.

clean lines.jpg

Golden Touches

The Midas Touch is even reaching the bedroom, featuring on wardrobe handles, bedside tables and artwork. Pairing the clean lines of wooden furniture and light toned paints with gold or brass creates a feature element, one that can be altered when the trend is over, even though that doesn’t look to be anytime soon!



Concrete walls

As seen in kitchens, concrete is a timeless feature and is making its way into more rooms of the home, expanding from its utilitarian purpose and towards a decorative feature. Concrete may be a heavy and expensive material, however the Essastone range captures the essence of concrete without the price- or weight! Perfect for creating a feature wall.




The industrial trend is why we see materials like concrete coming into the bedroom. This styling allows for minimalism but emphasises a sense of utilitarianism despite these materials not being used for much other than a decorative purpose. The industrial trend aims to open up spaces and works well in larger rooms where there is more room to get a sense of openness, as we often see in loft apartments.

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Wallpapers that Pop

If minimalism isn’t up your alley then perhaps this colourful trend is. Wallpapers are making a strong comeback and they’re brighter and bolder than before. Feature walls are seeing a return to the 70s and are embracing colour and pattern. Placing a wallpaper on the wall that meets the head of a bed can act as a headboard, especially for beds without one, or it becomes a large and dramatic artwork. Take a look at local Toowoomba business to fall completely in love with wallpaper all over again!

Milton and King From Up Here removable wallpaper

Milton and King From Up Here removable wallpaper


Shana Rogers