Decor Trends

This year has seen a variety of trends emerging and with the seasons changing it’s the perfect time to update your space. We’ve selected some of our favourite décor trends.

Organic Shapes

From soft sofas to irregular shapes; this trend is all about embracing the shapes of nature. Natural curves are a great way to embrace the trend whilst future-proofing your rooms.


Gold Accents

The metallic trend has refined itself and is now a crisper, more fresh gold. Touches of gold on elements such as drawer handles and tapware can add high shine to wooden and natural pieces. Or for more of a change select a golden Laminex palette to feature on a splashback or cabinetry.


Sustainable Furniture

With the move towards sustainability and eco-friendly products, designers have been able to become more creative. People are seeking unique pieces for their homes, especially pieces with a story and with a purpose.

Linear Lights

Lighting is an under rated element of the home but it can be the hero of a room. Sculptural lighting creates an eye-catching piece that is both decorative and practical. With the pastel trend in full swing, sorbet shaded lighting in blush pinks fits in with this colour trend. For a more timeless option go for lighting with a linear and minimalist form.


Clashing Prints

Interiors can be fun; opt for some glam wallpapers or velvet cushions for a statement room. In order to successfully mix prints and colours a balance between eclectic finds and thought out design is required. For a more subtle version of this trend, mix and match tones in neutral colour palettes or have a statement artwork paired with linens and other natural tones.

statement piece.jpeg

New Pastels

Since Coral has been dubbed Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019, pastels have been on the rise, specifically pale greens, lemon yellows, light neutrals and apricot oranges; the ‘grown up’ version of pastels. Similarly to golden touches, pastels can be seen in subtle places, such as on cabinetry and lighting.

Shana Rogers