Seeking Pinspiration

Whether you’re starting from scratch, doing renovations or simply giving your space a little revamp, seeking inspiration is the first step - and where better to find inspiration than on Pinterest? The image based site is the perfect place for all things inspirational. Looking for a hair change? Pinterest. Wedding ideas? Pinterest. Renovations? Pinterest!

Looking outside for ideas is also helpful in understanding the latest trends, however it can be a risky game. 10 minutes turns into an hour which turns into two and next thing you know the whole day is gone, but it’s ok because lots of new ideas have been saved!

In order to optimise your time on Pinterest, it’s important that you choose the right people to follow. Without the right accounts to follow you’ll find yourself scrolling endlessly with no real inspiration. Following specific accounts also means that you can venture into their boards that might have a few hidden gems tucked away. 

When it comes to seeking inspo for your home, it’s great to follow designers as well as stylists and magazines. Even some bloggers will have great home ideas, especially when it comes to decorative decisions.

A few of our favourite accounts to follow…

Michelle Halford- The Design Chaser

The Focus on Kitchens account combines our own work with things that we have found inspirational on Pinterest; everything from kitchen cabinets to bedroom wallpapers. We’d love you to follow us!

Shana Rogers