The Focus on Timeless Classics

When it comes to building and renovating there are many decisions, many of which you want to be long term, so it’s important to consider how these choices are going to age and adapt with you.

The Floor Plan

It’s important to take into consideration the floor plan as this will most likely be one of the long term decisions that you make so you want it to last and work with you, no matter how much the rest of the space may change. An open floor plan allows for flexibility for when these changes occur. It is also great for creating a seamless transition from room to room. The kitchen, dining and living areas are most likely going to be a part of this transition, and by having an open plan you can choose one colour to be carried across each area.


When creating a timeless space it’s necessary to take into consideration how functional it will be. Maintaining a proportioned and spacious area will allow for changes to be made in the future, such as furniture choices or rearranging. You’ll want your furniture to work in any part of the space, so ensuring that this is possible in the design process can optimise functionality. It is also useful to think about how the space will be used daily if it’s the central hub for your home it may be best to keep it minimal to allow for movement without knocking things over.


Selecting a timeless classic style can be a difficult choice considering how often trends and our own styles are evolving. However, they are called timeless classics for a reason! Focussing on balance and symmetry is the first step in the timeless look. Selecting a colour theme is the next stage. Neutrals are a safe and classic option; greys, whites and beiges are great options that can create continuity and won’t date. Just because you’re selecting a neutral colour doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to add your own style to it. Choosing fun artworks and unique furniture is a great and flexible way of sprucing up a space every now and then without the need for a new paint job.

Avoid Overcrowding

Over the years we all collect bits and bobs that we want to display, however, this can lead to a crowded space, which then makes a room feel smaller than it really is. Give yourself room to move and breathe by finding the balance between filling a space with statement pieces and leaving it open with a crisp design. If you’re still struggling to find places for your favourite artworks or knick-knacks then why not create a custom cabinet to feature them in?

Combine the Old and the New

Combining eras, textiles and finishes is a fun way of ensuring your home never goes out of style. With the mix and match style, it is easy to rotate pieces and colour themes throughout the home. However, it is still important to maintain a balanced style, so consider what works and what doesn’t.

One of our favourite combos involves the appearance of weathered timber combined with a pop of metallic.

Shana Rogers