The Latest Focus on Bathrooms

Trends come and go, however choosing a theme for your bathroom can allow for easier transitions to keep up with the latest design trends.


Choosing an industrial theme for your bathroom can open up the room. Think minimalist concrete and metallic touches. Shallow basins with feature tapware can become a statement piece in an otherwise minimalist space. Terrazzo has been making its way back into design and is a great way of incorporating colour into your industrial space. The speckled concrete has so many unique elements and can become a timeless element to include in other rooms throughout the home.

Pastel Dreaming

Pantone’s colour of the year- coral, has had a lasting impression on many aspects, particularly in home design. Including this colour in your bathroom is a fun way to liven up the space. If coral doesn’t quite appeal to you, there are many other pastel colours to choose from. Creating a pastel bathroom may seem like a daunting decision however it could be included in the smallest way, such as towel choice. Pastel tiles are a great way of creating a feature wall in the bathroom or opt for a colourful sink instead.


Indoor plants have made their way into every room in the house, including the bathroom. Plants have heaps of health benefits, one of which is cleaning the air we breathe, so by placing some in your bathroom you can create a fresh and natural space. Partner the plants with wooden cabinets, linen tones and soft tiles to create a natural, day spa-esque room.

Photo 11.jpg

Rustic Romantic

A timeless classic, the rustic romantic bathroom is here to stay. If you’re a fan of clawfoot bathtubs and wooden panels then this style is for you. Crisp white tiles paired with a dramatic bathtub is a good starting point. From here the styling is mostly down to the extra touches. Opting for lush towels and candles can elevate your bathroom from crisp and clean to rustic romantic.

Shana Rogers