The Focus on Mudrooms

Creating a mudroom may seem like a utilitarian necessity but it can also be a beautiful space. Minimising the hallway clutter of thrown off shoes and coats, a mudroom is a perfect space to give these strewn items a home.  Whilst the mudroom was traditionally its own room, it can now be inserted into any space, given the right storage choices and layout.


A mudroom doesn’t require a large space in order to be functional. Whether you are dedicating a whole room or simply a section of a hallway, you can optimise this area to create a great mudroom. It’s important to consider how the space will be used. Is it simply as a drop off zone for dirty shoes and wet jackets? Or will sports equipment and gardening tools also need a home? Once this has been decided, creating the layout of the mudroom will become much easier.

First Impressions

Mudrooms can be used as a second entrance, so it will sometimes become the first impression for your guests. If this is the case then adding some personal touches can make it all the more welcoming. Introduce some colour through a feature wall or door, or perhaps add some plants and artworks to liven it up. Another option could be to include a mirror in the mudroom. This will open up the space and will come in handy if you’re rushing out the door and need a final check on your way out.


Depending on how the mudroom will be used and the space available, seating may or may not be necessary. However, even a small, portable bench seat can be useful for taking off or putting on shoes. If you’re short on space choosing a built-in bench seat can create more storage. Opting for dark colours or fun patterns on the seat can cover up any dirt marks as well as give some personality to the mudroom.

bradys road.jpeg


The mudroom should be considered as somewhat of a locker room, so having plenty of storage options will come in handy. If you’re dedicating an entire room to become the mudroom, then including cupboards and storage boxes will allow for larger items such as sports equipment and gardening tools to be put away neatly. If a smaller corner or section of the hallway is being converted into a mudroom then these items may be better off stored in containers and tucked away. A good option for the hallway mudroom is to include some wall hooks for coats, bags and hats. These can also become a fun little feature piece of the hallway. It’s also important to consider smaller objects, such as keys, wallets and even leashes. Placing a floating shelf is a good option for these objects and can also become a statement piece, keeping in mind that it should be close to the door for added convenience.


When it comes to flooring a mudroom the keyword is durability, which means carpets and light floors are not ideal. Opt for concrete, dark, ceramic tiles or even reclaimed brick or hardwood floors. Adding a coat of sealant to the brick will allow for easy cleanups. Given that the mudroom will most likely be a high traffic area it’ll be much easier to choose an easy to clean flooring. If you’re placing the mudroom into a hallway it may be easier to opt for a durable rug, something that will protect the existing floor and be easy to replace when the time comes. It’s also important to consider how the flooring will flow with the rest of your home, choose something that seamlessly transitions into the next space.


Ventilation and light Water source

You don’t want to be fumbling in the dark trying to find matching shoes and keys so give your mudroom plenty of lighting. Maybe a feature light could brighten up the space in a fun and unique way. The mudroom will most likely have damp and muddy items of clothing so having good ventilation is important. Insert some large windows or an air vent to ensure the airflow and keep things fresh and dry.

If you have the space, a sink is a good addition to the mudroom. It allows you to rinse off any extra dirty items, even pets if it’s large enough. Choosing a wide and deep sink will minimise splash and can become somewhat of a feature piece. For example, a concrete sink with brass elements creates a utilitarian vibe, perfect for the functional space. Stainless steel and ceramic are also great, easy to maintain options.



Shana Rogers