Personal Touch

Any room in your home needs to have that little bit of 'you', that's what makes it truly yours. A space with personality becomes a space that you enjoy being in. Here are a few little tips to help you bring that extra element to your home.

1.     Statement tiles

Neutral tiles will forever be considered ‘classic’, however, when it comes to creating a space that you want to live in and enjoy being in, the classics can quickly become “same old, same old”, so mix it up with some statement tiles. Metallic is one of the big trends this year, so adding a tile with a bit of glitz is very acceptable. Alternatively, choose a uniquely shaped tile, straying away from the standard squares and rectangles can add a sense of character to any space.


2.     Feature lighting

Lights don’t have to simply be a source of lighting; they can bring personality to almost any space. Have a pendant light in the bathroom to bring focus to particular areas, or create a feature with a mix of styles in one area. Having bold lighting can be just the statement piece a space needs, and even with the ever changing trends, they’re easy enough to mix up when it comes to it.


3.     Pop of colour

Add some character to any space by focusing on a colour scheme. Playing around with fun, punchy colours can bring life to an otherwise plain space. Colour can be brought in in a variety of ways- add a feature wall, choose a vibrant splashback or perhaps a less permanent option could be to add some colourful tea towels or rugs. No matter you go about it, choose something that resonates with you.

4.    Mix it up 

The ‘scandi’ style is still going strong, therefore woods and neutral tones are still in, however, you can add a sense of ‘you’ by mixing it up. Combine a wooden bench with marbled splashbacks, or add a coloured tile with metallic features to make it truly unique.



5.   Handle it

An easy way to update and add a twist is to update your drawer and cupboard handles. With such a wide variety to choose from it can be a hard decision, however, it also means you can choose something that complements your own style and tone of the space. Selecting a sleek and metallic brushed handle can bring a futuristic vibe, or perhaps you want a classic style, and so a wooden handle could be the way to go. Whatever your style, something as simple as a handle can bring that spark of personality into a modest drawer.

Shana Rogers